The plot constructs the theme in this work of speculative fiction. To break out of a crippling lack of motivation Stefan travels to Noetrea, a faraway land where people are said to live based on a different set of assumptions. He and his fellow outlanders run into Noetrea’s unequivocal laws, but what he’s being absorbed by is the culture of legacy embedded in the abundant products, representations, and the omnipresent statues — and this entwines his own motivational questions. Local girl Nefri may provide the insight, for a price, and he learns if it’s the Nothingness that drives his explorations. Included are seven restored sketches remaining from his journey.

Ne Nifiri's "Far in Noetrea" - A Novel and Exploration of Motives
by Lucian Leonte, copyright © 2007 All Rights Reserved
Published by Versantae, 2007, ISBN 978-0-9801456-0-1
Printed by Sheridan Books, paperback 8.5" x 5.5", 184 pages
Available as hardcopy and e-book from Amazon (+ reviews) and online bookstores

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