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Lucian Leonte was born in 1968 in Romania and completed his architectural studies in 1993 in London, then lived in various places between the Pacific and rural France. Blending his passions for architecture and fiction writing, he is inspired by elemental themes that surface through wide-ranging aesthetics — from vibrant narratives to austere rendering palettes and from idealistic excursions to gritty thrillers and to comical impromptu. Nowadays he can be spotted as the chauffeur of his children in a time-anchored New England coastal town.

The Migrant, novel, Versantae, 2015
Far in Noetrea – A Novel and Exploration of Motives, novel, Versantae, 2007
The Present, short film/screenplay, 2002
Portrait of a Friend, short film/screenplay, 1997
Architectural Work

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