Lucian Leonte
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Portrait of a Friend
A collage of scenes outlines the portrait of a young woman.
Screenplay / short film, 14 min., Studioteca 1997
The Present
A last minute search for a meaningful present shifts out of reality.
Screenplay / featurette film, 42 min., Studioteca 2002
Far in Noetrea - A novel and Exploration of Motives
To break out of a crippling lack of motivation Stefan travels to Noetrea, a faraway land where people are said to live based on a different set of assumptions.
Novel, Versantae 2007
The Migrant
A resourceful couple tries to immigrate into the Commons -- a preservationist country in the febrile 2200's -- and a brilliant lawyer takes on the impossible case, with hopes to cure his solipsistic ailment.
Novel, 2015
Architectural work